It's time to fund for school supplies!

I am so happy to hear that Madrasah Fahim Hakimi have already started their classes. They send some of their photos and even videos of the school running their day to day classes. My heart swells to see that even in the rural areas of Cambodia, Islam is still propagating and fluorishing. Religion of Allah S.W.T. 

The ethnic cleansing in China, the attacks in Mosques such as those in New Zealand, the oppression that Muslims faced all over the world, will not stop people from reverting to Islam and learning more about Islam. 

Looking at their situation, the Daily Deen Hub offered to raise some funds for school supplies such as tables, school bags, stationeries, etc. I hope that our small contribution will reap multi-fold barakah and benefit in this world and hereafter. 


The left side is a Madrasah and the right side is the musollah.

Thank you so much for the contributions

Learning done on bare cement


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