Madrasah Fahim Hakimi

So as you all know, HijabXstyle is a subsidiary of Daily Deen Hub and back then, we have worked with One Ummah to help find donors for the bulding of Madrasah Fahim Hakimi. From a land that is so bare, it is now holding up a 2-story madrasah with no facilities yet. I would like to thank our hijabxstyle followers who had contributed monetary wise or just by sharing my post on fb. 

Here are some pics on the development of the Madrasah in Cambodia that we together has helped build. For every cent that you contributed, May Allah grant you Jannah and blessings upon you and your family. 


Madrasah Fahim Hakimi (before)

Students holding on to names of donors


while work in progress, their area was caught in flood during the rainy season. 

Madrasah Fahim Hakimi caught in flood :(

things are looking better after: 

Somewhere in March 2019

Now with doors and windows installed: 

almost complete Madrasah Fahim Hakimi



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