Hijab - Are we wearing it as we ought to?

Hijab is more than just covering our hair. But also aurah. Does wearing longer hijab means that we are more pious? More knowledgeable about Islam? Does it mean we deserved heaven more than others? Definitely No. I started out with simple short ones too. In fact, I was always looking for the fanciest hijab to put on or learning the most unique way of donning my shawl. I didn't care if it covering what it needs to. 

How does one change from wearing short to long? When one seeks for Allah S.W.T. The saying, "When you decided to take the first step to Allah S.W.T, He took much more steps towards you" is so true. I was lost in my world and He guided me. Without his guidance, I would still be lost in my Dunya and in things that now, looking back, didn't matter. I became embarrassed knowing Allah is watching.

After making sujood and asking for forgiveness and once salaam is given, the prayer outfit is removed, we stepped out in public, revealing a hijab that is not Syariah compliant or even revealing our hair. We want Allah to grant us His mercy and forgiveness and yet, once salaam is given, we do things against what He asked for.

I don't know if these hijab that we have in Daily Deen Hub are enough to seek for His pleasure. Waallahualam. We always seek to be given guidance for that.

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