The Last Kingdom

What fascinates me most in the book "The Last Kingdom" is when the Author revealed the reason why all the European superpowers rushed and competed among each other to claim their rights over the eastern territories. The Portuguese have once titled the Malacca state as the Venice of the east.

Issues discussed include the reason behind the fall of the Portuguese empire during their attempt to colonize the state of Malacca. Is it due to their superior firepower? Well, this book reveals otherwise. 

The Malay once ruled the sea and has made them the force to be reckoned with...their weapons are comparable or even superior to the west.

As history has not covered the real reason why Japan has decided to invade south-east Asia region..the book has once again revealed the possible reasons.

The real agenda of Raffles choosing Singapore, the rise of the secret society, the unfair treaty of 1824 between the British and Dutch colony, the name behind mount Ophir and many more...

We have so much history to unveil.....they said History is written by the winners...

I wish I could share more but this post would then be superbly long... Unfortunately, the book is written in Malay. The good news is that the book will be available soon on our website. So email us your details at the homepage when the newsletter pop-up appears and we will let you know for any updates. 

The Last Kingdom

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