Hijrah - The Big Move

It was a tough decision to make because hijabxstyle was something personal to me. From the purchasing, to designing, packaging, etc. The failures were mine to embrace and the successes were for me to make sujood for. 

However, deep down, I wanted to do more than just solely business. So when my hubs approached me to collaborate, I relented this time. Yes, he did approached me before but I was not keen. 

So, being the chattier one (only when it comes to keyboard, I'm a warrior princess) between the two of us, you will see more of me I guess. Well, enjoy your stay in our cozy website. Of course we hope that you manage to find something that you like and buy them..hehe.. but if you don't, do drop by our blog posts or drop us an email and let us know what we can do improve on anything so that we can serve the community better. 

Signing off as the Chattier One. 

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