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 Pocketable Sejadah, Water-resistant, Modern Design, Odorless

Material: Polyester Water Resistant

Available in 2 sizes:

Regular: 95 cm x 55 cm (after folding size: 17 cm x 8.5 cm)

Big: 114 cm x 60 cm (after folding size: 18 cm x 10 cm)

We love to spend the weekend outdoors with our children. Being outdoors sometimes mean the mosque is not within close proximity. Thus we used to bring out our thinnest prayer mats and sometimes I would use my huge tote bag as a prayer mat. There are 5 of us and none of us wants to be the last one praying. With pocket travel prayer mat, we can bring more and even allow us to pray in congregation. 

Today, our new norm requires us to bring with us our own prayer mat when we are to pray in the mosque too. Thus, this polyester-made sejadah can be cleaned off easily if you had used them earlier in a dustier setting. Just a wet tissue is enough or runs water off the surface and the sejadah is ready for use!