2:213 Guidance

For this blog post, I would like to seek all of your Help.

Help to Reach out.

Reach to people who are away from the righteous path. 

"But I too not the best person to do so." 

Neither are we all... 

Maybe it is hard for us to approach strangers but we can always start with those around us. Our  nephews, nieces, neighbours, cousins, etc. 

Someone I know, did not observe fasting. When asked why, he said he just don't do fasting but he prays. He started getting agitated at my question and I could sense his hostility. Apparently, his dad doesn't fast as well. 

Before he hastily left, I apologized if my approach was wrong but I had a duty as a muslim to remind him of his obligations. 

That very short conversation left me feeling very affected because I knew I wanted to help the boy more. I was feeling sad for him. But I knew that pushing him might trigger the wrong outcome. 

I didn't do much, in fact probably nothing. But i will pray that he will be granted hidayah from Allah S.W.T and find his way to Allah. 

I may not be the best person, his dad is probably not the best person. But I am sure, he will bound to meet someone who is meant to help him. It could be anyone of us. Not because we are good muslims and that we are better in islamic knowledge but because we have been chosen by Allah S.W.T as an asbab (means / resource)


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