Introducing Emir tshirt - Sabr Virtue

We chose "Sabr" as one of our "virtuous one-word" tshirts because we thought what else could be more important that to have but sabr.. Easier said than done.. many of the things that happened in the past such as those that happened to the people of Saba', where Allah gave them so much, Allah gave them two beautiful gardens, gave them dam such that they did not have to wait for rain, ALlah made them "paradise on earth" but yet, they lack the gratitude and sabr to resist haram and they started to doubt Allah S.W.T. And what was left of them were only the stories for us to learn from the mistakes that they made. 
Scholars say that Sabr has three categories. 
Sabr in category one is to have patience towards the obligations of Allah. While others are able to do as they wish, dress as they wish, we choose to cover our aurat to please Allah S.W.T. We choose to oblige to His commands. 
Sabr in the second category is to show patience towards the prohibitions of Allah. We stay away from drinking alcohol, from zina, etc
Sabr in the third category is to have patience towards the decree of Allah. To have patience towards what has been written in our qadr'. Wallahualam.

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